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DJ Logic 02/07/02
The Knitting Factory, New York, NY
Set I
Jam 1 (DJ Logic, )
Jam 2 (DJ Logic, McBride, Riggins, Scratch)
Jam 3 (DJ Logic, McBride, Riggins)
Jam 4 (DJ Logic, McBride, Riggins)
Set II
Jam 5 (DJ Logic, Hunter, Martin)
Jam 6 (DJ Logic, Hunter, Martin)
Jam 7 (DJ Logic, Hunter, Martin)
Jam 8 (DJ Logic, Hunter, Martin)
Jam 9 (DJ Logic, Hunter, Martin)

Jam 10 (DJ Logic, Medeski, Gordon)
Jam 11 (DJ Logic, Medeski, Gordon)
Jam 12 (DJ Logic, Medeski, Gordon)
Jam 13 (DJ Logic, Medeski, Gordon)
Jam 14 (DJ Logic, Medeski, Gordon)
Jam 15 (DJ Logic, Medeski, Gordon)
Jam 16 (DJ Logic, Wasserman, Kang)
Jam 17 (DJ Logic, Wasserman, Kang)
Jam 18 (DJ Logic, Wasserman, Kang)
Jam 19 (DJ Logic, Wasserman, Kang)
Jam 20 (DJ Logic, Wasserman, Kang)
Jam 21 (DJ Logic, Wasserman, Kang)
w/ DJ Logic: turntables, Christian McBride: bass, Kareem Riggins: drums, Charlie Hunter: guitar, Billy Martin: drums, Rob Wasserman: bass, Michael Kang: violin, Scratch: turntables
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Source: mics(not sure)>Sony D8
Taper: Dennis Carey
MKW and shn conversion: Dennis Carey
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Collectors With This Show
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Everett (5/4) cdr / 1 View   sbd
brian durham (5/5) CD / 2 View   unknown
Brian Bruno (5/0) CDR / 2 View  
Notes: Taper: Dennis Carey - DJ Logic Trios - <1st Trio> DJ Logic, Christian McBride & Kareem Riggins <2nd Trio> DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter & Billy Martin <3rd Trio> DJ Logic, Mike Gordon (BASS) & John Medeski <4th Trio> DJ Logic, Kang & Rob Wasserman
chnactsnflwr (5/5) / 2 View  
Bazz (5/5) CDR / 2 A View  
Notes: Disc 1 1st Trio : DJ Logic, Christian McBride - bass, Kareem Riggins - drums (1 to 7) 2nd Trio : DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar, Billy Martin - drums (8 to 12) 3rd Trio : DJ Logic, Mike Gordon - bass, John Medeski - organ (CD1 : 13 to 16 & CD2 : 1 to 4) Disc 2 4th Trio : DJ Logic, Michael Kang - mandolin, violin, Rob Wasserman (5 to 10)
Scott Heath (5/5) SHN / 1 View   mics(not sure)>Sony D8
CranMan (5/5) cdr / 2 View  
Jon Clark (5/0) CDR / 2 A A View   Daud>D8>EAC>MK Wart>SHN>CDR
niccolo mugnaioni (5/5) cdr / 2 View   aud>sony d8>cdr
Notes: disc1/set1:intro(1:38),first jam a(7:05),scratch intro jam(3:37)>second jam a(4:01)>third jam a(5:29),crowd(0:30),logic spin'n(1:14),herb man intro jam(1:15)>first jam b(2:15)>second jam b(2:09)>third jam b(16:01),logic spin'n(3:58),first jam c(5:09)>second jam c(1:51)>third jam c(5:12)>fourth jam c(6:03). disc2/set1:fifth jam c(4:18),sixth jam c(2:01),logic banter(0:43),crowd(0:27),first jam d(2:30)>second jam d(4:21)>third jam d(6:52)>fourth jam d(5:02)>fifth jam d(4:13)>sixth jam d(1:58). Dj Logic,Christian McBride and Kareem Riggins plays from "First Jam A" " to "Third Jam A". Dj Logic,Charlie Hunter and Billy Martin plays from "Herb Man Intro Jam" to "Third Jam B". Dj Logic,Mike Gordon and John Medeski plays from "First Jam C" to "Sixth Jam C". Dj Logic,Michael Kang and Rob Wasserman plays from "First Jam D" to "Sixth Jam D".
molexn (5/5) audio cdr / 2 View  
Aaron Starke (5/4) cdr / 2 A View  
Brian Lewis AKA M.O.P (5/4.5) SHN/CDR / 2 View  
davyp (5/4.3) shn / 1 View   No Source Info
The Green Kynd (5/5) Audio / 2 View  
Notes: all improv, with several guests
Bill Conrad (5/5) CDR / 2 A A View   Unknown DAUD
Notes: John Medeski, Mike Gordon and more
Tom Lamprey (5/1) cdr shn / 1 View  
joe matrone (5/0) / 0 View  
Notes: 2 cdr *on the way*
Josh Younggren (5/0) cd / 2 A View   Unknown DAUD > Sony D8
SmokeDawg (5/5) SHN / 1 A A View  
[email protected] (5/2) CDR / 2 A A View  
Notes: the DJ Logic Trios show, with DJ Logic as a member of four different trios all doing mostly improved stuff. Charlie Hunter, Christian McBride, Kareem Riggins, Mike Gordon, Billy Martin, John Medeski, Michael Kang, and Rob Wasserman all join in
Aaron Eakin (5/4.1) CD-R / 2 View   mics(not sure)>Sony D8
John Lynch (5/5) SHN / 1 View   mics(not sure)>Sony D8
Joanne (5/5) CDR / 2 TBA TBA View   DAUD > Sony D8
Notes: <1st Trio> DJ Logic, Christian McBride & Kareem Riggins <2nd Trio> DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter & Billy Martin <3rd Trio> DJ Logic, Mike Gordon (BASS) & John Medeski
Pete (5/0) / 0 View  
Jason Monge (5/4.3) CDR / 2 A View  
Eric Mohl (5/0) SHN / 1 View   mics(not sure)>Sony D8
funknyem (5/5) cdr / 2 View  
Alex Wideman (5/5) CD / 2 A A View  
OpenCode (a.k.a. John K. Joachim) (5/0) CDR (shn) / 1 View  
Ricardo (5/4.8) CD-R / 2 View   mics (not sure) > Sony D8
Notes: Tracks were cut anytime the trio's almost stopped or if the jam really changed direction.