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U2 05/10/05
United Center, Chicago, IL
Set I
City Of Blinding Lights
Vertigo (Stories For The Boys)
The Electric Co.
An Cat Dubh-->
Into The Heart
Beautiful Day
New Year's Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Love And Peace or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday-->
Bullet The Blue Sky (Hands That Built America)
Running To Stand Still
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name

Encore 1:
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways
Party Girl

Encore 2:
All Because of You
Original of the Species
Set II
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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
Jeff S (5/5) cd-r / 2 View   AT853C > battery box>D8
WalterO (5/5) / 1 View  
Elevated (5/0) DVD / 1 View  
Suchar (5/0) DVD / 1 View  
3lions (4/0) CDR / 2 A+ View   Ripped from DVD 'U2 live in Chicago'
massu2 (3/0) / 0 View  
Jeff (3/5) FLAC / 1 B- B- View  
Jason Siegel (2/5) CDR / 2 A A View  
Stuart Ferguson (1/4.3) CDR / 2 View   Audience
Notes: DVD 2671; lineage:
Stuart Ferguson (1/4.3) CDR / 2 View   Audience
Notes: DVD 2831; lineage: Audience recording.
aikox2 (1/4.9) / 0 View  
Notes: DVD PRO. "Vertigo" DVD9 (mostly 5/10/05, parts from 5/9/05)
Matthew (1/4.8) CD / 2 View  
Ian Hiaring (1/0) FLAC / 0 Aud View   AT853C > battery box > D8
Ian Hiaring (1/0) SHN / 0 Aud View   FOB Coresounds Cardiods>bass roll off>Sony D100>wav>flac
John (1/5) CDR / 2 A A- View  
Notes: This is the complete 5/10 show, unlike many others out there that are both 5/9 and 5/10. Includes opening Arcade Fire song "Wake Up". Notes from master taper: I was using a friend's mics, and one of them came unplugged (they are much more cumbersome than mine), so I didn't realize the show went mono for a couple stretches. My friend copied/ pasted the channel with signal (I forget if it was left or right) and doubled it, so that you'll still hear sound in both the left and right speakers. But it's a mono signal. I can tell the difference, and you probably will, too. But it still is a pretty good recording.
Chuck Kiefe (1/5) CD-R / 2 View  
Notes: Master Audience DAT(VG)>CD>FLAC>CD Dudzik recording (Sound Pro AT-853C/Sony TC-D8) Vertigo Tour - 1st Leg: North America
Jayson (1/5) FLAC / 1 View   Digital Cable Feed >> Motorola PVR >> Audigy 2 >> Adobe Auditions 1.5 >>...
Notes: RELEASE TITLE: CDragon's U2 GMA Encode RELEASE DATE: 05/22/2005 RECORDER/TAPER NAME: CDragon ---Abstract--- This package gives you the full fledged U2 content that was broadcasted on the Friday and Weekend edition of Good Morning America (GMA) that includes songs and interviews of the band. Some of the users of the U2 Interference forum has requested me to release my version of the digital recording of Good Morning America broadcast, due to the fact it sounded clearer to another recording that was released by (Please refer to "Elevation from Saturday Morning GMA" forum post) This package is by no means to demeanor any recordings prior to this release. It is the users/downloaders opinions' to download which release as they choose to. As a matter of fact, I have decided to release this recording to help/contribute/share (and care)/assist/and thank gratefully to the concert tapers/recorders of releasing the First Leg (and more to come) Vertigo Tour Concerts in digital format. Without them, these concerts would not exist and flow freely. In conclusion, I have released my recording entitled: "CDragon's U2 GMA Encode" ---TECHNICAL DETAILS--- Audio Data Acquisition Path: Digital Cable Feed >> Motorola PVR >> Audigy 2 >> Adobe Auditions 1.5 >> 4dB Boost >> .wav >> .flac >> U2 Fans Setlist / Track Listing / File Sizes: 01 - Interview with Diane Sawyer (GMA).flac 41,985,457 bytes 02 - Behind the Scenes with Tony Perkins (GMA).flac 30,202,392 bytes 03 - Vertigo (GMA).flac 34,503,935 bytes 04 - Beautiful Day (GMA).flac 31,936,858 bytes 05 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (GMA).flac 35,780,523 bytes 06 - Interview with Bill Weir (GMA).flac 17,490,663 bytes 07 - Elevation (GMA).flac 31,116,023 bytes Tracks: 01-05 from 05/20/2005 and 06-07 from 05/21/2005 GMA Broadcasts NOTE: I have removed all the introductions of each song made by Tony Perkins. In Addition, each track has NO FADE INS/OUTS, only boosted by 4dB. It was rumoured that 5 songs were played but really there was only 4. Feel free to share the flacs/convert to MP3 (I suggest 192kbps/44kHz) but DO NOT SELL! --- Special thanks goes out to neutral and torneil for the encouragement of releasing this recording Enjoy and Cheers! CDragon
gsteenac (1/0) DVD / 1 A A+ View   ProShot> TV> DVD
Notes: U2 - Happy Birthday Bono, Chicago (4 songs+ Good morning America interviews)
smilin4awhile (1/0) CDR / 2 A View  
Monique (0/0) DVD-DL / 1 View   Pro Shot
Notes: Official release. Live From Chicago. Filmed on 9th and 10th may 2005.
Diogo Moretti (0/0) dvd / 1 a A View  
Notes: Proshot.
Holden Oversoul (0/0) / 0 View  
Notes: DVD PRO. "Vertigo" DVD9 (mostly 5/10/05, parts from 5/9/05)