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Led Zeppelin 01/22/73
Old Refectory, Southampton, England
Set I
Rock And Roll
Over The Hills And Far Away
Black Dog
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
Dancing Days
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven
Whole Lotta Love
Thank You
How Many More Times?
Communication Breakdown
Set II
Southampton University
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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
Brad Peck (5/4.8) cdr / 1 View   FLAC
Brad Peck (5/4.8) cdr / 2 View   mp3
David Bennett (5/5) cd / 2 A A View  
MyLibbyDog (5/4.8) / 2 A A View  
Notes: Nice Heavy Soundboard
John (5/5) CDR/FLAC / 2 View  
Notes: "The Working Tapes", (EVSD), Silvers > EAC > WAV > Flac > TLH, Decode > WAV > Remaster > Flac (Level.8, Align On SBE'S, All Tracks Tested With TLH, No Errors Occured)
buc2220 (5/5) CDR / 2 View   SBD
George Rue (5/5) CD / 2 A View   Soundboard
Notes: 152:30 min
Jack Warner (5/5) FLAC / 1 View   Multitrack MSR > ? > CD
Gregg Beebe (5/4.9) CDR / 2 View  
Notes: Any Port In A Storm, The Lost Soundboard Show, The Godfatherecords, G.R. 223/224 Ranch Records Salem Oregon
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   TomP remaster of Empress Valley's soundboard source (L024 & L047)
Notes: Corrected -0.03msec phase shift Cross-mixed all tracks (ratio 96:4) Noise print NR at very low setting, to take edge off hiss & fix slight buzz without affecting SQ Very slight EQ, +2dB treble Slight expansion (from 0dB @ 0dB to -2dB @ -20dB) undoing over-compression (Audition 3) Minor clip reduction in a few places (Audition 3) Fixed hundreds of volume and balance fluctuations Fixed lots more glitches, clicks, mic bumps, feedback squeels and drop-outs Combined tracks for editing, cut a few short periods of complte silence and Re-tracked to avoid SBEs Flac > Nero > TLH > you
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   Live At Southampton University Working Tapes (K105)
Notes: liberated Empress Valley bootleg; lineage: My silvers > EAC > WAV > FLAC FRONTEND > FLAC Level 8 (all with appropriate settings)
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   British Story (H132)
Notes: liberated Wendy bootleg featuring a fragment of the soundboard source of the soundcheck. Lineage: Original Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   The Valkyrie's Vigil/In The Old Refectory (TT019)
Notes: Liberated Tarantura 2000 bootleg featuring a nice soundboard (or FM b'cast) source
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   Winston Remasters source (CC202)
Notes: SBD - Remaster Notes - From the files liberated on Royal Orleans. Cleaned up the digital clicks best I could. No Noise reduction used. Enhanced with Samplitude.
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   Swastika (FF199)
Notes: Liberated bootleg on the Tarantura label featuring the "multi-track mix-down" soundboard source SILVER>EAC>FLAC
Alan M. (5/5) flac / 0 A View   SBD > rough multitrack mix-down > EVSD Silver CD > TomP Remaster
John Champion (5/5) 825 MB / 2 View   Multitrack SBD
John Champion (5/5) 825 MB / 2 View   Multitrack SBD
randy walton (5/5) cdr / 2 a View   sbd
Notes: 152 minutes
Mike Marteny (5/5) cdr / 2 A+ View   "The Great Lost Live Album: Live At Southampton University Working Tapes"...
Notes: D1 76:57 D2 75:20
sean hite (5/0) / 0 View  
Notes: Multitrack Recording
sean hite (5/0) / 0 View  
Notes: SOURCE: Multi-track SBD QUALITY: A/A+ (Would've been A+ if not for some light-moderate hiss that is mostly audible only during quiet sections) ARTWORK: Included (contains photos supposedly taken from this show) LINEAGE: Multi-track master>stereo mix down>?>flac>wav>Cool Edit Pro v2.1>flac 6 TRANSFER/EDITING NOTES: This incredible recording was supposedly taken direct from the multi-track master tape. Therefore, this would be the 1st generation stereo mixdown if correct. I believe this to be true given the sound quality of the recording. This is also the complete show which is rare in soundboard quality. I took the opportunity to remaster the recording because I thought it could benefit from a few small adjustments. Firstly, there is a muddiness to the source which comes from low-mid frequencies. This has been adjusted. Secondly, the levels flucuate from track to track on the source. I have remedied this issue. I have also used some light compression to get a more balanced, crisp sound. What is produced, as a result of these edits, is, in my opinion, a superior sounding recording. I hope you agree! No limiting or noise reduction of any kind has been used. Enjoy this new classic Zeppelin performance!
Rick Martin (5/5) Flac / 2 A View   Led Zeppelin - "The Great Lost Live Album: Live At Southampton University Working Tapes"
Notes: Led Zeppelin - "The Great Lost Live Album: Live At Southampton University Working Tapes"
Rick Martin (5/5) Flac / 2 A View   Upon Request Liquid Led (LLP-1211-016) Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC
Notes: Complete Multitrack Recording
richard (5/5) Cdr / 3 View  
Notes: Includes the soundcheck
SpacedDeadhead (5/4.8) CDR / 2 View  
Drifty (5/4.9) CDr / 2 B+ View   Soundboard
Slick2007 (5/5) FLAC / 2 B+ View  
Dwayne (5/5) f / 0 View   SOUNDBOARD Tom Phillips remaster of 'Live At Southampton - Working Tapes' on Empress Valley
Marc Dreilinger (5/2.3) FLAC / 1 View   Multitrack SBD -- lineage unknown
Notes: Archived Box 1 Disc 542