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Led Zeppelin 05/16/73
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX
Set I
Rock And Roll->Celebration Day->Bring It On Home->Black Dog, Over The Hills And Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop->Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Dazed And Confused (Medley), Stairway To Heaven, Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown
Set II
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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
robertofoo777 (5/4.3) CDR / 1 ?? ?? View  
Notes: Source: SBD Lineage: Master Reel > Reel > DAT > CDRx
John (5/5) CDR / 1 View  
Notes: "Two Nights"
John (5/5) CDR / 3 View  
Notes: "Snafu"
George Rue (5/5) CD / 1 A View   SBD Unknown Source
Notes: 54:48 min
George Rue (5/5) Cass / 2 B/C View   6th gen>tape trade (circa 1999)
Notes: All
Jack Warner (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   MSR>R>D>CD
Notes: Partial
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   Sherman Mickissack source (AE017)
Notes: Sean's Type 1 cass (Master) > Wav > Flac
Roy Martin\'s Music Collection (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   soundboard source (K099)
Notes: Lineage: Master Reel > Reel > DAT > CDRx. Wavs extracted with EAC, encoded to FLAC 8 with FLAC Frontend
Mike Marteny (5/5) cdr / 3 B+ View   "Thunderous Attack" bootleg>FLAC>CDR(1)
Notes: D1 59:41 D2 57:48 D3 26:48
sean hite (5/0) / 0 View  
Notes: Lineage: Type 1 cass(Master)>Wav>Flac Quality: VG- This is a raw transfer from the master, a project that became a bit more involved than anticipated. After 33 years, the glue holding the tape to the lead-in on Tape 1 had disentigrated. This resulted in the actual tape detaching from the reel and rendering it unplayable. On top of that, the tape was an extremely cheap Type I cassette that, rather than being two seperate pieces that are screwed together, was glued. This meant having to break open the housing and transplanting a reel into a new, secure housing. The procedure was done with the utmost care for fear of damaging the tape inside its original case. A minimal amount of handling of the tape itself was also, fortunately, possible. The result of the effort now resides complete within these Flac files. Dedication: This show was taped by Sherman Mickissack, a monstrous Zeppelin fan that passed away in the mid-80's from an extended illness. Before his death, he passed on his master tapes (see jpeg) to Rick Barrett who in turn gave them to me. While certainly not the greatest in sound quality, it's at least one more night preserved. So, I'm proud to present this show for Sherman, may he rest in peace.
sean hite (5/0) / 0 View  
Notes: Source: Original Silver CD Lineage: Original silvers>EAC offset corrected, secure mode, test and copy>WAV>FLAC Frontend level 6 with verify>FLAC Bootleg Title: Going Down (Watch Tower) File Size: WAV= 875 MB FLAC= 454 MB Sam Houston Arena Houston,Texas,U.S.A 1973/05/16 Setlist; 1.Stairway To Heaven 2.Moby Dick 3.Heartbreaker 4.Whole Lotta Love (includes Boogie Chillun') 5.Going Down 6.Communication Breakdown Coliseum Denver,Colorado,U.S.A 1973/05/25 Setlist; 1.Heartbreaker 2.Whole Lotta Love (includes Boogie Chillun') 3.Communication Breakdown
Rick Martin (5/5) Flac / 3 B View   Type 1 cass(Master)>Wav>Flac
Notes: Complete
Rick Martin (5/5) Flac / 1 A- View   SBD>Master Reel > Reel > DAT > CDRx(Wavs extracted with EAC, encoded to FLAC 8 with...
Notes: Partial SBD
Drifty (5/4.9) CDr / 1 A View   Soundboard
Notes: Not Complete Show. Stairway To Heaven Moby Dick Heartbreaker Whole Lotta Love Communication Breakdown
Slick2007 (5/5) FLAC / 2 B- View   Type 1 cass(Master)>Wav>Flac
shadow121603 (5/0) Flac / 1 View   SBD Lineage: Master Reel > Reel > DAT > CDRx
Notes: SBD Lineage: Master Reel > Reel > DAT > CDRx
shadow121603 (5/0) Flac / 3 View   Audience Type 1 cass(Master)>Wav>Flac
Notes: Audience Type 1 cass(Master)>Wav>Flac
PeaceTrader (5/0) CDR / 1 View  
Waz (5/5) FLAC / 1 A A- View   SBD > ? > Original Silver CD > EAC Offset Corrected, Secure mode, Test & Copy > WAV...
Notes: "Going Down" - Watch Tower. SBD > ? > Original Silver CD > EAC Offset Corrected, Secure mode, Test & Copy > WAV > FLAC Frontend Level 6 with verify > FLAC. Last six songs only.
catherine (5/5) shn 1 / 0 View  
Jon Pavuk (5/4.3) FLAC / 2 A A View   Soundboard>1ST-GEN-REEL>DAT(6)>CDR(4)>eac(secure mode/read offsets >corrected)>wav>flac(level 7)
Harm (5/5) CD / 1 View  
BH (5/5) flac / 2 View  
Oddball (5/5) CDR / 1 A+ View  
Notes: Incomplete SBD
Zeppelin71 (5/0) FLAC / 0 View   Going Down Disc 1
Jeff (5/5) CDR / 1 A View   Silvers>EAC offset corrected, secure mode, test and copy>WAV>Flac Frontend
Notes: "Going Down" (Watch Tower) (Disc 1 of 2) Soundboard fragment.
Jeff (5/5) CDR / 3 View   Lineage Unknown (clean)
Notes: "Thunderous Attack" *Audience Source
Joe (5/5) CD-R / 1 A View   SBD
Notes: Going Down - WT Disc 1
Hutch Tibbetts (5/0) CD-R / 1 View  
Hutch Tibbetts (5/0) CD-R / 1 View