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Lou Reed 01/29/72
Bataclan Club, Paris, France
Set I
I'm Waiting for the Man
Black Angel's Death Song
Wild Child
Femme Fatale
No One is There
Frozen Warnings
Janitor of Lunacy
I'll Be Your Mirror
Ghost Story
The Biggest, Loudest, Heaviest Group of All
Empty Bottles
Pale Blue Eyes
Candy Says
New Age
Rock and Roll
Set II
Liberated Bootleg
'Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico - Bataclan'

This show was officially released on CD in January, 2004. It should no longer be traded. Support the artists and buy your own copy.
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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
Lester's Soundroom (5/5) CDR / 1 View  
wedsong1 (5/4.9) CDR / 1 View   SBD
Rick Hanlon (5/5) cdr / 1 View  
Dan Karan (5/4.9) cdr / 1 A View  
Notes: "Bataclan"; Colosseum, 97-C-023
Lauren Curtis (5/0) DVD-R / 1 View   Tv Broadcast > VHS > Philips dvdr70 > dvdshrink > HD
Marko (5/0) CDR / 1 View  
NiceVegas (5/0) CDR / 1 View  
Jamie (5/4.8) cdr / 1 A- View   SBD
kaanjepa (5/5) CDR / 1 View  
J. Stone (5/5) CDR / 1 View  
wonderwoodwork (5/4.8) cdr / 1 View  
Karl Zener (5/5) CDR / 1 A View  
Notes: Studio Show features Reed, John Cale, and Nico
Ra (5/0) CDR / 1 View  
Mike McCann (4/5) DVD / 1 View  
brian gathy (4/0) CDR / 1 A View   SBD
Scoots (4/5) CD / 1 A A- View   SBD
Notes: some tape hiss
a thomson (4/4.9) cdr / 1 View  
Alan Morris (4/5) CDR / 1 View  
Bobby Styles (4/5) CD-R / 1 View  
jim alverson (4/5) cdr / 1 A View  
Lance Johnson (3/5) CDR / 1 View  
Notes: First, if you checked out comments from some other owners of this show, then you know there is supposedly an mp3 source out there somewhere; however, I cannot detect any of that tinny-warbly audio associated with mp3s on the version I have. I cannot absolutley say this is not from an mp3, but I'm telling you I do not believe it is. If you have any hesitation, I suggest you skip by this show altogether. If you do want it, I have to also tell you there is the slightest bit of hiss present during the silences, but it is far back in the mix on this sbd. There is also a tiny edit between tracks 5 and 6 and 8 and 9. As for the performance, Lou sounds bluer than ever, Nico is unfortunately at the show, and John's opportunity to take lead vocals only proves that despite his monotone, Lou was the best vocalist in the Underground (sad, huh?). And I love VU and all (and am a huge Lou fan), but damn that viola!
Dan Stone (3/0) CDR / 1 View   SHN
Charlie Kidder (3/5) CDR / 1 A- View  
Geoff Baker (3/5) CDR / 1 A- View  
Notes: 15 tracks, ending with "Candy Says"; The last songs, "Pale Blue Eyes" and "Candy Says," sound like rehearsals.
CJ Higgs (3/5) CDR / 1 A- View  
Notes: Cool show
Graig Kreindler (3/5) cd / 1 B View   SBD>?>CD
Notes: This show is a tiny bit hissy, and may be off pitch but it's very nice's really nice to hear some of these songs acoustically! We are a little sketchy on the source, but I believe that there's an MP3 generation in there somewhere!
VelcroBananapiels (3/5) CDR / 1 c A View  
Richard Stein (3/5) CDR / 1 A A View  
Tyler (3/0) cdr / 1 View  
aphextwin (2/0) FLAC / 1 View