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Wilco 02/27/08
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
Set I
Sunken Treasure
Remember The Mountain Bed
Company In My Back
You Are My Face
Side With the seeds
She's A Jar
Shot In The Arm
Handshake Drugs
Pot Kettle Black
Roses Bloom Again
Impossible Germany
It's Just That Simple
Someday Soon
Set II
Box Full Of Letters
I'm Always In Love
Pieholden Suite
Jesus etc
Hate It Here
I'm The Man Who Loves Uou
On And On

Encore 1:
Via Chicago
California Stars

Encore 2:
Casino Queen
I'm A Wheel
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B&K4022(ortf)>Sonosax>744T Transfer: 744T>cd wave>wavelab(fades/resample/UV22)>flac
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Schoeps MK4(7'stand, DIN, TS, LOC)>KC5>CMC6> Oade M248>Apogee MiniME>Tascam HD-P2(24bit/96k)>CF>HP Vista Laptop>Wavelab 5.0(tracking/fades)> Flac 1.1.2(Level 8)>Tag & Rename 3.4.6(Tags)
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B&K4022(xy)>V2>744T @ 24/48>wavelab 6.01b(fades/resample/UV22)>flac
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DPA(B&K)4011s->Luminous Monarchs->V2->Luminous Synchestra Signature XLRs->[email protected] 24/96->722. SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) -> Wavelab 5(edit/resample/dither)-> FLAC
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buc2220 (5/5) CDR / 2 A- View   SBD/MATRIX
Jack Warner (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   webcast+MAD(matrix)>FLAC
John Champion (5/5) 925 MB / 2 View   Schoeps Mk4v & Webcast Matrix
Shin (5/5) CDR / 2 A+ View   SBD/AUD Matrix
mirkman (5/1) / 0 View  
Notes: sbd
Dave F (4/5) audio / 2 A- View 90439
Clint (3/0) flac / 0 B- View 90439
Clint (3/0) flac / 0 B+ View 104239
Clint (3/0) flac / 0 A- View 91664
Clint (3/0) flac / 0 B+ View 91664
J.B. Hall (3/4) flac / 0 A View   B&K4022(ortf)>Sonosax>744T
Notes: Wilco February 27, 2008 9:30 Club Washington DC **16 bit source** Source: B&K4022(ortf)>Sonosax>744T Transfer: 744T>cd wave>wavelab(fades/resample/UV22)>flac Taped & transferred by Craig Davis One Set: Disc One: 01 Sunken Treasure 02 Remember The Mountain Bed 03 Company In My Back 04 You Are My Face 05 Side With The Seeds 06 She's A Jar 07 Shot In The Arm 08 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) 09 Handshake Drugs 10 Pot Kettle Black 11 Roses Bloom Again 12 Impossible Germany 13 Its Just That Simple 14 Someday Soon 15 Box Full Of Letters Disc Two: 01 I'm Always In Love 02 Pieholden Suite* 03 Jesus, Etc. 04 Hate It Here* 05 Walken* 06 I'm The Man Who Loves You* 07 Hummingbird 08 On And On Encore 1: 09 Via Chicago 10 California Stars Encore 2: 11 Casino Queen 12 I'm A Wheel 13 Monday* Notes: w/ Total Pro Horns
Mike Langen (2/4.9) cdr / 2 A View   aud + webast mtrx
Notes: Hi, everyone, I have downloaded a lot of shows from here and I've wanted to give something back for a while, so here is a matrix I worked up of Wilco's NPR concert on February 27 of this year. I used Innis Nelson's excellent AUD recording (original 16-bit version is here: as with my own recording of the streaming webcast of the show. I know that the webcast is lossy, but I though it provides some immediacy and definition to the lower frequency range of the AUD recording. As far as I could tell in the FAQ, it complies with Dime's rules. I retracked it a little bit, and I amplified the higher-frequency end to compensate for the loss in the webcast. Full details are below. The recent Chicago residency really reignited my interest in Wilco, so I hope this will be enjoyed, and I also hope to post a few more matrices of a similar nature in the next few weeks. Wilco 02-27-2008 9:30 Club, Washington DC AUD source (my actions in caps): (see the original post at - Source: Schoeps MK4(7'stand, DIN, TS, LOC)>KC5>CMC6>Oade M248>Apogee MiniME>Tascam HD-P2(24bit/96k) Processing: CF>HP Vista Laptop>Wavelab 5.0(tracking/fades/Resample/UV22HR Dither)>Flac 1.1.2 (Level 8, Align on Sector Boundaries)>Tag & Rename 3.4.6(Tags) >>DECODED TO AIFF with Max 0.7.1 >>IMPORTED INTO AUDACITY 1.2.6 (moved to 1.3.2 midway through >> SEE MTX PROCESSING BELOW WEBCAST source: NPR Streaming Webcast >> AIFF using Wiretap Studio >> Imported into Audacity MTX PROCESSING: Had to adjust timing, so resampled Webcast to 44098Hz (this synched the audio better with the AUD; dithering was "shaped" option in Audacity) >> amplified region of 15kHz-20kHz >> removed portions from the webcast that were faulty, amplified AUD track to compensate then >> mixed down to single track >> reimported to Audacity, added track labels *on sector boundaries*, exported to AIFF >> encoded to FLAC with xACT 1.59, generated fingerprint, md5. One final note: I would truly appreciate feedback on how this sounds, as it is my first attempt at making a matrix recording. Positive comments are welcome and so are negative ones. Thanks to Innis, and to all the tapers whose work I've benefitted from previously!
Tom Langdon (2/5) / 0 View   A a matrix of Wilco's NPR concert on February 27 2008. I used Innis Nelson's excellent AUD...
Andrew Long (2/4.8) flac / 2 View   AUD
SpiralLightofVenus (1/5) FLAC / 0 MTX View  
Notes: MTX
David Backus (1/5) FLAC / 0 View   MTX
spcwrnglr (1/5) / 0 View  
Joe (1/5) / 0 View  
moedbt (1/5) CDR / 2 View  
PlanetChad (1/5) cd-r/flac / 2 View  
Karl (0/0) 256 / 2 View   SBD
Eric Wingenbach (0/0) / 0 View  
Adam (0/0) CDR / 2 View