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Led Zeppelin 08/07/71
Casino Royale, Montreux, Switzerland
Set I
Immigrant Song
Since I've Been Loving You
Black Dog
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven
Going To California
That's The Way
Celebration Day
What Is And What Should Never Be
Whole Lotta Love
-Medley Includes Ramble On
Set II
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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
Cintia (3/0) CDR / 2 B+ B View   Unknown > CDR
Notes: Lenght : 101 Mins.. Quality: 8.0 (audience audio) Boot Name: Peter's PA - Remastered Version (Small Fish)
Mike Redondo (3/0) flac / 2 View  
CiN (3/0) CDR / 2 A B+ View   Unknown > CDR
Notes: Bootleg Name: Peter's PA - Remastered Version (Small Fish)
itooktoomuch (2/0) FLAC / 2 View   UNK AUD: C(M) > DAT(2) > CDR > CEP(EAC-WAV) > FLAC
Erick (2/3) FLAC / 2 View  
Ed (2/4.2) cdr/flac / 1 View   aud
Notes: Master > DAT2 > CDR > CEP(EAC-WAV) > FLAC8
Ernie (2/0) CD / 2 B View   Master > DAT2 > CDR > CEP(EAC-WAV) > FLAC8
Notes: An Eddie Edwards production. From Eddie: "The work I did on the recording was to balance the channels, speed-correct the portion from GTC to WLL and remove any obvious unwanted clicks, pops and other noises. I did not apply any EQ, noise reduction or anything like that." Immigrant Song drop-out patched by jameskg. This is higher quality and more complete than "Peter's PA". This is the best quality, most complete version of this show available to date. This is one of Robert Plant's best performances. TMP notes that this may be the first recording of Celebration Day played live, maybe even the first time played live. Black Dog is exceptionally good on this night (both Jimmy & Robert are on fire) Robert doesn't quite yet know the order of the verses in Stairway. Points of this release that are of note: 1) Much less hiss. Better transfer. 2) SIBLY is complete, for the first time. 3) Speed corrected & balanced out by Eddie Edwards
Scott J (2/0) / 2 View  
Nathan Hevenstone (2/0) CD-R's / 4 A B- View  
Notes: This is the 4-disc box set from Smallfish with the raw and restored versions of their source.
Nathan Hevenstone (2/0) CD-R's / 2 A B View  
Notes: This is "The Robert Plant Experience."
adam (2/0) / 0 View   AGFA Fe Master Cassettes>Phillips Deck(Mono)>second generation EL3302
Scott Brown (2/5) cdr / 2 View  
Notes: m>dat2>cdr>eac>flac
Preston Klingler (1/4.9) FLAC / 1 View   Unknown Rec. Equipment Gen: CASS(M) > DAT(2) > CDR(?) > EAC > FLAC
Preston Klingler (1/4.9) FLAC / 1 View   Unknown Rec. Equipment Gen: Silver Montreux Casino 1971 > EAC > FLAC
Jerry Morgan (1/5) cd / 2 View  
Notes: A Montreux: Bon Public
Warren (1/5) CD / 1 View  
Boedi-taper (1/4.8) CDR / 2 A B View   Audience Recording
Notes: Audience Recording
Stuart Ferguson (1/4.3) CDR / 2 View   Audience
Notes: DVD 998; lineage: Remastered Audience Recording (A Group/Personal Project) AGFA Fe Master cassettes > Phillips Deck (Mono) > second generation EL3302 > Nakamichi 682 ZX Cassette Tape deck(normal eq/no noise reduction) > Sony CDR-W66 Standalone CD Burner w/"super bitmapping on" > CD-R (2) > Plexwriter Premium II CD-Transport > iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo with iTunes 9.2.1 into WAW > DVD-R > DVD-R > WAV > TLH > FLAC > DIME > Torrent > HD > TLH, Decode > WAV > Remaster > Flac (Level.8, Align On SBE'S, All Tracks Tested With TLH, No Errors Occured).
Alex Bushe (1/5) CD-R / 2 View   AUD
John Peters (1/0) FLAC / 1 View   AUD: Master > DAT2 > CDR > CEP(EAC-WAV) > FLAC8
Notes: "The Robert Plant Experience"
Pete (1/5) cd-r / 2 View  
SpiralLightofVenus (1/5) FLAC / 0 View  
Notes: TB15
Jerry Jacobsen (1/5) CD-R / 4 View   Aud
Notes: Stored as FLAC files. From the info file: "There are 4 CDs here. One set of restored tracks, and one set of the raw source. I believe this to have been recorded mostly from outside the venue. Quote from Peter Grant: "I remember when we did Montreux. It was so packed. I had the idea of feeding the sound outside onto the lawns where loads of fans who couldn't get in had congregated. Claude Knobs loved that." Peter's PA allowed us to hear this show, even if the taper couldn't get inside. There are a few places you can hear the sound get MUCH better as a door opens and closes. It seems to me the taper was standing outside a door, in front of one of Peter Grant's PA speakers. He moved quite a bit, so the sound quality varies. When the keyboard (melotron?) was on, there was a terrible hum produced - so bad that Stairway has a warble from all the harmonics bleedover. I've tried to restore this audio as best I can in the places it has loads of hum / warble / pops / start-stops, and massive volume swings, etc. This source was given to me by a person that wishes the world to be able to hear this show for free. Thanks to him. His condition was that I try to fix all the little issues. I like to hear people restore bad tape, but I also like to hear the lowgen raw sources, too, so I've included BOTH - hence the 4CDs. The highlights of this show: - Robert Plant. Planty is ON for this show. It's a shame the recording isn't better... he was really belting it out - hitting notes he soon would never hit again. - The plantation about "Making a bootleg record tonight..." and how those people can keep from calling themselves capitalists. Classic. - The immigrant song solo. Listen at 2:30 & 3:00 or so to the restored track. That little decending wail Page does is not something I've heard before from him. Very cool. There are more. There's a rumour theat EVSD will release this in the near future. I hope they found a better source, but I'm not sure this source can get much better. Maybe theirs will be from inside the venue. This is a 3rd Gen CDR source. Master tape to CDR, to CDR, to CDR - probably using one of those consumer CDR recorders, I'd bet. So, it would be possible to do a bit better by eliminating some of the CDR transfers. Time will tell."
stringman67 (1/5) CDR / 2 A- View   AUD
Notes: "A Montreux Bon Public"
wharfratpat (1/4) FLAC / 2 View   "The Robert Plant Experience" - Private Tape[Eddie Edwards production]
Carter (1/5) CDR / 2 View  
Tim (1/0) CDR / 1 BB- View   Private Tape
Notes: The Robert Plant Experience audience 1:40:44
Tim (1/0) CDR / 2 View   TimD Series production
Notes: "Led Zeppelin A Montreux: Bon Public CD audience 1:42:01
Tim (1/0) CDR / 2 View   AGFA Fe Master Cassettes>Phillips Deck(Mono)>second generation EL3302
Notes: William Tell Edition CD audience 1:43:23
Tim (1/0) CDR / 2 View   Gardener Remaster
Notes: Going To Montreux CD remastered audience 1:43:50