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Grateful Dead 02/09/73
Roscoe Maples Pavilion, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA
Set I
Promised Land, Row Jimmy, Black Throated Wind, Deal, Me & My Uncle, Sugaree, Looks Like Rain, Loose Lucy, Mexicali Blues, Brown Eyed Women, El Paso, Here Comes Sunshine, Playin' In The Band
Set II
China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Jack Straw, They Love Each Other, Truckin'-> Eyes Of The World-> China Doll, Big River, Ramble On Rose, Box Of Rain, Wave That Flag, Sugar Magnolia, Uncle John's Band, Around & Around, E: Casey Jones
First Performances of: Row Jimmy, Loose Lucy, H.C.Sunshine, T.L.E.O., Eyes of the World, China Doll, Wave That Flag; "Beer Barrel Polka" tuning before "Mexicali".
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SBD> MR> R> DAT> CD; Show SHNed by Bob Allred; md5 / shn renaming and txt file by Patrick Hitt, who notes that "slightly different edit times indicate a different dat source or editor" than previous shn set
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MR 2 Track Reel > 7.5 IPS 1/4 tack dolby B reel > DAT > Sonic Solutions > CDR; via D Finney; Seeded to etree by Popi; Note- This is another eac of the same original Finney seed discs according to Popi
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Jay Ashley (Bertha) remaster of previous MR source; SBD>>MR>>REEL>>DAT>>SS>>CDR>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA
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S : MR > R > DAT > SS > CDR > DAW (Bertha) > CDA > SHN > COOL EDIT PRO > SHN; See info file for 'additional edit' notes from seeder Alan Fink.
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flac16; Recording Info: MR > R (Bob Menke) > R (Pat Lee); Transfer Info: Technics 1506 w/Lamb Labs Dolby decoder > WAV (24bit/96k) > Apogee Mini Me 24/96 > Apogee Mini DAC monitoring and mastering > FLAC; Mastered By Matt Smith
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flac24; Recording Info: MR > R (Bob Menke) > R (Pat Lee); Transfer Info: Technics 1506 w/Lamb Labs Dolby decoder > WAV (24bit/96k) > Apogee Mini Me 24/96 > Apogee Mini DAC monitoring and mastering > FLAC; Mastered By Matt Smith
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flac16; SBD>>MR>>REEL>>DAT>>SS>>CDR>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA>>SHN>>COOL EDIT PRO>>SHN; Speed-corrected using Celemony Capstan done for each track individually; Reencoded to flac (level 8); SBE's fixed using Trader's Little Helper
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Joaquin Villaverde (2/5) shn / 2 View  
Tom Langdon (2/5) cd / 3 View 14939
Uncle J (2/5) shn / 2 View 12571
Notes: Bertha Remaster
pat (2/0) sbd / 3 View   SBD>>MR>>REEL>>DAT>>SS>>CDR>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA - Sound A
Marshall (2/5) shn / 2 View  
Jason (2/5) shn / 2 View 9888
Jason (2/5) shn / 2 View 12571
Rodney's Studio (2/0) CDR / 3 A- View 14939 SBD>>MR>>REEL>>DAT>>SS>>CDR>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA>>
Notes: Disc 1: [Set 1] d1t01-The Promised Land d1t02-Row Jimmy d1t03-Black Throated Wind d1t04-Deal d1t05-Me And My Uncle d1t06-Sugaree d1t07-Looks Like Rain d1t08-Loose Lucy d1t09-Beer Barrel Polka d1t10-Mexicali Blues d1t11-Brown Eyed Women d1t12-El Paso d1t13-Here Comes Sunshine Disc 2: d2t01-Playing In The Band [Set 2] d2t02-Wavy Gravy chatter d2t03-China Cat Sunflower >> d2t04-I Know You Rider d2t05-Jack Straw d2t06-Dead battery d2t07-They Love Each Other d2t08-Tuning/Stage Banter d2t09-Truckin' >> d2t10-Eyes Of The World >> d2t11-China Doll Disc 3: d3t01-Big River d3t02-Ramble On Rose d3t03-Box Of Rain d3t04-Wave That Flag d3t05-Sugar Magnolia d3t06-Uncle John's Band d3t07-Around And Around [Encore] d3t08-Casey Jones Notes: Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha, by [email protected] on September 3, 2002. The many fades were done previously, by others. From the original text file: MR 2 Track Reel > 7.5 IPS 1/4 tack dolby B reel > DAT > Sonic Solutions > CDR Some cuts between tracks Note that there were many technical failures during this show including loss of all tweeters on the first note of "Promised". "Casey Jones" has alot of distortion. Additional Editing d2t08-Tuning/Stage Banter (S : ? > CASS) added by by Alan J Fink ([email protected]) using Cool Edit Pro d2t09-Truckin' 0:00 - 0:02 (S : ? > CASS) Original d2t09-Eyes Of The World renamed to d2t10 Original d2t10-China Doll renamed to d2t11 Original d2t11-Big River renamed to d3t01 Original d3t01-Ramble On Rose renamed to d3t02 Original d3t02-Box Of Rain renamed to d3t03 Original d3t03-Wave That Flag renamed to d3t04 Original d3t04-Sugar Magnolia renamed to d3t05 Original d3t05-Uncle John's Band renamed to d3t06 Original d3t06-Around And Around renamed to d3t07 Original d3t07-Casey Jones renamed to d3t08
Brian Colligan (2/0) shn / 3 View 9888
Notes: SBD> MR> R> DAT> CD (2002 transfer)
Rolf K (2/0) CD-R / 3 View  
Mike McCarthy (2/5) cdr / 3 View   sbd: 2 track MR -> 7.5ips quarter-track dolby B reel ->DAT->SS->CD
Notes: Promised land, dropout (on master reel); 1/4 sec fades btn songs on d1 (no biggie). LLR edit @ 4:57
Tom Hains (2/0) CD-R / 3 View 9888
Michael McMullan (2/5) CDR/SHN / 3 A- View 10361 SBD
Tom (2/5) CDR / 3 View  
Andrew Long (2/4.8) shn / 2 View 12571 SBD (Ashley)
Andrew Long (2/4.8) shn / 2 View 9888 SBD (Allred)
Notes: 1.13GB
Canyon (2/5) audio / 3 View   SBD>>MR>>REEL>>DAT>>SS>>CDR>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA>>SH...
Notes: hd1
Uncle Duke (2/0) CD / shn / 3 View 14939 SBD
chris dupre (2/5) cdr / 3 A+ View  
Notes: 7 new songs
Chris_G (2/0) cassette / 2 View  
Chris_G (2/0) CD / 3 View 14939
Chris_G (2/0) HD2 / 3 View 12571
Notes: Bertha
Rich (2/0) / 0 View  
Matt Craddock (2/0) shn / 2 View 9888
Jason Moleton (2/0) cdr / 3 View 12571
Notes: sbd; Bertha remaster; 2 track
Supratik Chaudhuri (2/0) / 0 View  
Scott (2/0) CDR(DAO) / 3 View  
bernman (2/0) shn / 0 View 9888
Jeff Hannan (2/0) SHN / 2 View 14939 SBD > MR > R > DAT > CD
mike (2/5) shn / 2 View 14939 SBD>>MR>>REEL>>DAT>>SS>>CDR>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA>>SH...